Dear Santa Claus, I dreamed of the transformation of our organizations…

I dreamed of the transformation of our organizations and it made me want to create Ikaara. As a Christmas present, I would like to meet lots of leaders, who dream like me.

Thank you Santa Claus for helping to make my dream come true…


Because companies will soon no longer be just about money. They will be serving our communities. They will enable people to express their talents and their genius, to co-create together for the good of our society towards personal and collective fulfillment. Money, one of the ways to achieve this, will no longer be the end-goal.

And how do you awaken an organization?

One human at a time. Change begins from within each of us, and is then reflected on the outside.

By cultivating a culture of openness, curiosity and compassionate questioning, we attract tomorrow’s leaders, partners and talents, who have the ability, the courage and the desire to influence the world of tomorrow.

Only a conscious organization will be able to prosper

At Ikaara we are passionate about humans, structures and organizations, and we are able to observe just how much today’s leaders are sometimes afraid to challenge the status quo and are often ill-equipped for the world of tomorrow.

At Ikaara we dedicate our passion and talents to to create a new path towards conscious leadership, and to inspire companies to become more humane, awakened and responsible.

On behalf of the Ikaara team, wishing you a Merry Christmas full of compassion and a wonderful year 2021.

Christian Buschbeck


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